To insure the fastest possible turn-around for the completed appendix, please follow carefully the steps explained in detail below: (1) prepare a cover page template, (2) prepare a chronological list of the appendix documents with filing date and document description, and (3) add a numbered prefix to each appendix file name. Then, send us the files.

That’s it - we'll do the rest 



Prepare a cover page template with text placeholders as shown. The five placeholders [red rectangle] are replaced with the appropriate values as each volume is created:

 1.  Volume number (“V123”)
 2.  Number of volumes (“V456”)
 3.  First page number in volume (“N789”)
 4.  Last page number in volume (“N000”)
 5.  Total number of pages in volumes (“N111”)

The page placeholders (N789, N000 and N111) may be placed immediately below the volume placeholders (V123 and V456) if preferred.

As the appendix volumes are created, the "N" and "V" values will be replaced by the actual values.

The cover page template may contain more than a single page if needed.

Please provide this file as a Word or Word Perfect file named CoverPageTemplate.



Prepare a three column table and list each document’s tab number, date, and description in chronological order as shown. The documents are assembled in the appendix volumes in this order.

The data in the document list will be used to populate the chronological and alphabetical index pages in the appendix as well as the bookmark text.

Documents with attachments. Attachments and sub-attachments to documents such as declarations or notices of lodgment, must be listed in separate rows immediately below the primary document description, as shown in the sample table. A primary document and its attachments must be a single file.

Instead of a tab number, an attachment is identified by an asterisk before a number [red rectangle], which is its starting page number in the file (See Fn.1), and will be indented in the index and bookmarks.  A sub-attachment, e.g., Exh. 1 to Exh. B in the sample, should have two asterisks (**57) and will be further indented.

Note that dates for attachments are not listed in the date column but are instead included in the document description [blue rectangle].

Please provide this table as a Word or Word Perfect file named FileIndexInfo.


FileIndexInfo-no shadow.png

Fn.1  Tab 10 in the sample table, a notice of lodgment, contains 96 pages. Exhibit A begins on the 3rd page of the file and is identified as *3 in the tab column; Exhibit B begins on the 48th page; Exhibit 1, a sub-attachment to Exhibit B begins on page 57 and has two asterisks. A third level sub-attachment would be identified with 3 asterisks before a number.  The attachment descriptions will be indented appropriately in the index and bookmarks (See sample here).


To insure that the appendix files are merged in the same order as the Document List, please add zero-padded prefix numbers to your files as shown here. Note that other than the prefix numbers, the file names are inconsequential and are only used for sorting purposes.

Checklist for appendix assembly:

1.  Cover-Page Template (CoverPageTemplate.doc)
2.  Three-column table of documents (FileIndexInfo.doc)
3.  Files with zero-padded prefix
4.  Call or email us to request an upload link for your files.
5.  Place all files (1, 2 & 3 above) in a folder and send (1) as a zip file (preferred) or (2) as individual files.

file list.png