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  • Q: How is your pricing structured?

    • A: Our pricing is based on the number of documents in the appendix. The document count includes the files as well as attachments within those files, as they must be bookmarked and listed in the index in the same manner as primary documents.

    • You can contact us for pricing, or you can estimate the amount as follows: 
          1. Six dollars per document for the first 100 documents, e.g. an appendix containing 90 documents will cost 90 x $6 = $540.
          2. Four dollars per document for the next 100 documents
          3. Two dollars per document for the remaining documents
      (A $300 minimum charge covers appendices with fewer than 50 documents)

    • For very large appendix projects, please contact us for pricing.

  • Q: What is your billing/invoicing process?

    • A: We will email an invoice and W-9 form to you upon completion of the job.  

  • Q: Do you discount your pricing if the documents we send are already searchable?

    • A: No. Experience has taught us that, even though a client may believe their files are completely searchable, they are not. By applying OCR to all scanned PDF, we ensure that all files are searchable as required.  Additionally, the processes we apply during OCR identify and fix problems that are sometimes present in PDF files created by programs other than Acrobat.



  • Q: What if, after you prepare an appendix, we need to revise our file set?

    • A: It happens! Send us the new files along with the date(s) and description(s) to be used in the index. Name the file(s) with a prefix such as "023a", which will inform us that it should be listed after file "023..." Likewise, inform us of any files that should be removed. We will send a revised appendix at no additional charge for the first revision.

    • If the revision involves more than several files, we will ask you to send the new files along with a new document list. The first revision will still be at no additional charge.

  • Q: What if, after you prepare an appendix, we need to revise our file set a second or third time?

    • A: If, after a free revision, an additional revision requires a new set of volumes, we add a 15% surcharge.  

  • Q: Do all California appellate courts use the same rules for appendix assembly?

    • A: No! California Rules of Court, Title 8, require text searchable PDF and continuous Arabic page numbering. Each appellate district sets it own requirements for indexes, bookmarks, formatting, maximum file size, maximum number of pages per volume and, in some cases, Acrobat settings.

  • Q: The courts revise their rules from time-to-time. How can I be sure the appendix you prepare will be accepted by the Court?

    • A: We prepare appendices for e-filing on a daily basis and we check each court website daily for any revisions to their rules. Please take the time to read our testimonials - for what they say and for the obvious trust our clients place in us.

  • Q: How quickly can you turn an appendix around in a crunch?

    • A: If you have precisely followed the three steps outlined in "Your Role", and it is of moderate size - say up to 200 documents - we can usually turn it around in two to three hours. The variables are the condition of the files you provide, e.g., how many require some manual processing on our part, and the total number of pages included in the documents, which will determine the time required to OCR the files.